Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The protection and administration of the guest's/user's personal data of the site www.quinox.gr is regulated by the terms of the current as well as related legislations of the European right(95/46/EC and 97/66/EC).

The personal data(full name and email of the guest/user) that may be collected will never be publicized to third parties(excluding when it's prescribed by Law to strictly official authorities) but your personal character will be protected.

The site www.quinox.gr preserves files with that data exclusively for contact,statistical and improvement of provided services purposes.The guest/user of the www.quinox.gr website always has the option to contact with the branch responsible and find if any personal data files exist,and request for them to be deleted,corrected or modified. Minors have access to the site www.quinox.gr only with the consent of their parents/guardians and are not obliged to share their personal information.

The present Statement of Personal Data Protection and the Terms and Conditions contained in this website describe the data collection process by our website,the use of those data by us and the terms and conditions of usage of this website.The current Protection of Personal Data Statement refers exclusively to the personal data that you provide us during your orders, according to the current Legislation, in which Laws 2472/1997 regarding the protection of the person from processing personal character data and 3471/2006 for protecting personal data during online communications,like applied today.

Limitation of Network Liability

The site www.quinox.gr isn't responsible for direct or indirect loss or damage that is caused by the content of the website www.quinox.gr nor does it hold liability for refunds or restoration of any kind of damage or loss due to the use of that content.For example and not as a restraint,we are mentioning:loss of profit or function,loss of opportunity or savings,every loss which is caused by delinquent or incomplete content distribution,in an incomplete or inaccurate content and to every factor related to it.The site www.quinox.gr does not guarantee a constant and without errors operation of the website.The limitations above do not apply in case of loss that was caused by fraud or deceit from www.quinox.gr and will be applied only when they are permitted by the laws and rules of the Greek Legisalation.

Products Shipping

The products can be shipped anywhere inside Greek terittory and especially in areas in which you have indicated in the Order Form with courier.Shipments will be fulfilled on daily basis,excluding Saturday,Sunday and holidays.

Terms of Use χρήσης


Cookie's information is saved in your browser and are used in order to recognize you when coming back to our page and help our team identify which parts of the website are more interesting and useful to our visitors.
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Sales Terms and Conditions

All users, entering and using the services of the current e-shop www.quinox.gr, are considered to consent and unreservedly accept the terms. In case one user does not agree with those terms, he should avoid using the e-shop and every transaction with it.

Ordering products and consumer’s protection

The completion of an order through the e-shop, constitutes a long distance sales contract, regulated by the N. 2251/1994 law, as amended and currently applies.

Feasibility of valid order through the e-shop exists when the provisions of fare trade of the Greek legislation are met, on natural and legal persons.

Intellectual property rights.

All the contents of the site www.quinox.gr including , indicative but not restrictively , texts, news, graphics, pictures and images, and in general every form of files, comprise subject of intellectual property and is governed by national and international legislation about intellectual property, aside from official third party rights. For this reason , the reproduction , republication , copy, storage, sale, broadcast, distribution, edition, execution, uploading, translation or amendment in any way, partially or briefly, is prohibited without the previous written consent of the company.

Payment methods

The products , the prices, the delivery terms (place, time, etc) are those stated in the order confirmation section. The payment is made before or after the product’s delivery and can be achieved by one of the following methods.

- Cash on delivery of the amount of your order, on the delivery of the product in the chosen delivery point.

(attention : the cash on delivery payment method is available only for deliveries inside Greece. For deliveries abroad you should choose among the other payment methods. )

- Bank deposit on our company’s bank account. If you face any problem and wish to complete your order through bank transaction, please contact us on 2310912838 so that we can guide you on our bank details to proceed to the transaction. On the deposit receipt please state your full name as well as your order number.

Your personal data processing is governed by the legislation of the personal data policy.

Order cancellation

Cancelling your order is possible under the following conditions:

1.Before an order is completed,during the online procedures of the order you can remove the quantities from your shopping cart by pressing the delete button and then refreshing the page.You can also modify the quantity of the products that you have chosen to zero.

2.If the online order is completed but has yet to be shipped in your area,you can call 2310 912838 and one of our affiliates will handle the cancellation of your order.

3.After receiving the product,call us on 2310 912838 or contact us via email at [email protected] explaining the reason why you wish to cancel your order and one of our affiliates will handle the cancellation of your order.

4.In case your order has already been priced and you wish to cancel it,then contact our Customer Service department on 2310 912838 and give us the details of your order.One of our affiliates will handle the cancellation of your order and will update you about your options.


The newsletters that a guest/user of the site receives with his/her subscription to the mailing lists are considered intellectual property of the site's admins hence being protected by the regarding legislations of Greek law and international contracts.The admin of the site holds the right of removing someone from the recipients list or even banning them from it.


Transaction Safety

Every payment that is made with the use of a credit card is processed through the online payment platform of Peiraeus Bank which uses encryption TLS 1.2 with encryption protocol 128-bit (Secure Sockets Layer – SSL).

The encryption is a way of codification of information until it reaches the certain recipient,who will be able to decode it with the use of the right key.

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